Books India

Web Series

The Challenge

HarperCollins Publishers India Pvt Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of HarperCollins Worldwide and came into being in 1992, completing 25 years in India and almost 200 years globally. HarperCollins Children's Books India, their Facebook page had shallow engagement. They release new books every month, and they turned to 1702 Digital and trusted us to ensure participation and awareness about their books and their authors on a daily basis.

What We Did

1702 Digital created Facebook banners for their page highlighting the books of the month. To improve engagement, we ran contests for both parents and children. Exciting prizes encouraged children to participate in every game and contest. We created social media creatives related to the theme, character, and genre of every book.

The 'Gulzar' #SamayToRead campaign consisted of one-of-its-kind tech innovation, 360⁰ posts. During Women's Month this year, we asked little girls, what they want to be when they grow up. We also created hashtags for every book. Interactive polls kept our audience highly engaged. Puzzles and games were posted to attract the attention of new readers.

The Result

HarperCollins Children's Books India has over 1514 likes on their Facebook page.

Several literature bloggers and book club founders collaborated with HarperCollins Children's Books for events.

Their Facebook page saw tremendous overall increased engagement on every post.