World Health Day

Web Series

The Challenge

Adani Wilmar owns ‘Fortune’ edible oil brand. India’s edible oil market leader with a 19% share. It has 10 different types of oil which it caters to. They wanted to increase their engagement, brand awareness, wanted more people to talk about their Facebook page Fortune Rice Bran Health oil and most importantly wanted to give the message of keeping yourself and your family healthy with Fortune Rice Bran Health oil which helps you to reduce your cholesterol. They turned to 1702 Digital and trusted us to ensure participation and awareness about their healthy oil on a daily basis.

What We Did

To promote the healthy lifestyle that Fortune Rice Bran Health oil stands for, we designed and executed a social media campaign for World Health day, this year. We introduced the #SwitchToHealthy contest with the objective that reminds people to take care of their loved ones’ health. The contest asked participants to share with us, their story of how they switched to a healthy living. Whether by taking zumba classes or eating healthier. Sharing a picture along with their story allowed viewers to enter the competition. The campaign was carried out in 2 phases.Phase 1 included 3 creatives that introduced the campaign to the world. The creatives featured participants; a wife, a grandson, and a sister who shared their images with us and their #SwitchToHealthy story.

The first phase ended with Fortune announcing the contest prize, a supply of Rice Bran Health oil for 12 months. This turned the viewers into a frenzy and with that, we kicked off Phase 2 of our World Health Day campaign. We gave the followers a peak of Fortune’s latest project, a web series titled, The Dilwale Ahluwalias. Protagonists of the show introduced themselves and asked Fortune’s followers to participate in the contest. This gave the entire campaign the boost it needed to sail smoothly. Phase 2 produced a bucket load of user generated content and active participation. Followers were replying and sending us pictures non-stop. We reported an overwhelming response on Fortune Rice Bran Health oil’s Facebook page on the day the campaign ended.

The Result

1st post - 23rd March 2018, Total reach – 125891, Total impressions - 168427, Total Engagements - 22829

2nd post which was posted on 27th March 2018, Total reach – 118667, Total impressions - 172019, Total Engagements - 23605

3rd post which was posted on 29th March 2018, Total reach – 16691, Total impressions - 20439, Total Engagements – 3376

4th post which was posted on 30th March 2018, Total reach – 652420, Total impressions - 832757, Total Engagements - 15171

1st video which was posted on 3rd April 2018, Total reach – 546903, Total impressions - 648655, Total Engagements – 35010

2nd video which was posted on 6th April 2018, Total reach – 917, Total impressions - 1452, Total Engagements – 156